Uchicago Basketball Teams Engage With Nearly 1,000 South Side Students


At UChicago, our commitment to building strong, productive partnerships with our neighbors is shared across the whole university.

Every division and school across our university is engaged with our community, in ways large and small. We work to deepen our connections with our neighbors and build new partnerships that will benefit all of us, here on the South Side and throughout Chicago.

We welcome our neighbors’ input and insights into the issues that matter most to our shared communities and understand that ongoing, open dialogue is essential to forming effective collaborations.  Our community partners inform our priorities and shape our actions as we work together to create positive change.

Our combined efforts draw upon our strength as an economic anchor and on the power of education, research, and innovation to create real, lasting impact and opportunity, in all communities.


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Partnering for Community Impact
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Community Programs Accelerator: Five Years Forward
Akanksha Shah student
Akanksha Shah
Maroon Tutor Match

“Maroon Tutor Match helped me learn to work with people — not just students and families, but tutors as well — who were very different from me and had different priorities and struggles. Getting a better understanding of where people are coming from is invaluable.” -Akanksha Shah '17

Baronica Robeson
Baronica Roberson
Civic Leadership Academy

“Where you might not have seen or thought about synergies between organizations, they do actually exist if you dig a little deeper.” -Baronica Roberson

camille mckenzie
Camille McKenzie
Turner Construction

“University of Chicago projects are excellent job opportunities … it’s great to be able to work locally and live locally.” -Camille McKenzie

claire sampson student
Claire Sampson
Neighborhood Schools Program

“As an NSP volunteer, I felt that I was in classrooms to build relationships with students and teachers and schools. It’s all about those 35 kids and what they need, whether that means helping a teacher prep curriculum work, grading papers, or working with a student one-on-one.” -Claire Sampson '19

corey ucm dish
Corey Scott
UChicago Medicine

“I had always heard that working for a hospital would be a good environment for me, so I took a leap of faith. Now I’m dealing with the public in a much more important way, and I like that the kitchen is full of life, with lots of people coming through: staff, chefs, managers, nurses.” - Corey Scott

Darnell Shields
Darnell Shields
Austin Coming Together

“Because of CLA we have access to others with different backgrounds and expertise and from different kinds of institutions. That social capital network is a huge asset.” -Darnell Shields

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