Arts and Music

Arts and Culture

As a partner in the South Side’s rich and storied arts community, we work to provide cultural opportunities, resources, and programs that reflect our community, resonate across the city, and are renowned around the world.

Supporting the work of artists and providing engagement opportunities to arts-lovers through our community relationships is vital to the mission of the University of Chicago. Over the past two decades, UChicago’s longstanding commitment to the arts has supported platforms for artists and access to arts programming through artist residencies, arts education, cultural entrepreneurship, and artist- and community-led programs and events. 

We partner with people and organizations in our surrounding neighborhoods to deepen the study, impact, and celebration of South Side cultural production, and foster connections between UChicago, the South Side, and the broader city of Chicago.

The University supports and amplifies arts and culture on Chicago’s South Side, presenting a diverse array of concerts, live theater, films, exhibits, readings, and festivals each year.


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