Norman Long
Sep 19th, 2021
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Chicago Architecture Biennial: Washington Park Soundwalk with Norman Long

Arts + Public Life Gallery

301 E Garfield Blvd
Chicago, IL

Chicago Architecture Biennial: Washington Park Soundwalk with Norman Long

A soundwalk is a guided exploration of a site using listening focused skills. We will listen to how the Washington Park/ neighborhood sounds, as we are moving through it. We will listen for changes, interactions, conditions, weather, traffic, animals, insects, people, vehicles and other factors that make Washington Park, the community and the park what they are. We start by listening in our own silence, being mindful of our own consciousness. Then we focus on how we sound as we move throughout the park. Then, we expand our listening to what is near to us, what just passed us and then what is ahead. The walk is typically held in silence but while we can interact with our environment non-verbally.

After the walk we should be able to answer these questions:

How do these sounds define where you are in the park? What sounds are constant? What sounds changed? What moves through it? What did you expect to hear? What did you remember hearing? What sounds do you like? What sounds don’t you like?

Through walking and mindful listening, we can understand how design can foster collective engagement and agency to identify new forms of shared space in urban areas.

Tour can only support 20 participants. Due to the volume of RSVP that result in no-shows, registering does not guarantee a spot. The first 20 people to arrive will be permitted to participate on the walking tour.

Guests should meet in front of the Arts + Public Life Gallery (301 E Garfield Blvd) for the tour.

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