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We are committed to building on the University’s position as the South Side’s leading economic anchor and making a strong, lasting contribution to Chicago's economic health.

Drawing on the resources of the University and the Medical Center, UChicago is building broad, enduring partnerships with our South Side neighbors through investments in community health, education, business and workforce development, public safety, economic development, and arts and cultural enrichment.

We are committed to making a strong contribution to the South Side's prosperity by hiring community residents, contracting with local businesses, and working with our vendor network to create and expand local employment opportunities.

We support local business owners and entrepreneurs through faculty- and student-led workshops and programs that help them to launch and grow. We also partner on workforce development initiatives that help individuals build the skills that employers demand.

We are proud to be part of the fabric of Chicago. We look forward to working ever more closely with our neighbors to make this an even greater city, for all of us.

How Strengthening Communities Can Solve the World’s Pressing Problems
Latest event
May 25th, 2021 | 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.
Social Impact Leadership Series: How Strengthening Communities Can Solve the World’s Pressing Problems

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, communities around the globe struggled to combat the pressing issues of our time—growing inequality, automation of jobs, the growth of the state, and dependence on global markets. The key to addressing these challenges, according to Chicago Booth Professor Raghuram Rajan? Place decision-making power back with local communities.

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UChicago Local

Working in partnership with small business owners and workforce development organizations in our neighboring communities, the UChicago Local Initiative connects local residents with jobs and contracting opportunities, both here at the University and throughout our network of vendors.