University of Chicago partners with Cook County to offer seven weeks of educational content during COVID-19

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Today, University of Chicago Office of Civic Engagement announced a partnership with Cook County to offer seven weeks of curated educational content for the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are excited to offer this unique educational opportunity to residents of Cook County and hope to empower learning during a difficult time when people are at home and looking for something new to do,” said Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, an alum of the University of Chicago. 

The curated educational content will feature a combination of past lectures and interviews by University of Chicago faculty and staff in audio and video formats. Themes for each week of the content include: Racial Justice Movement, COVID-19, Humanities, Community and Education, Democracy and Citizenship, Science and Discovery, and Law and Policy. Additionally,  Career Development webinars, originally developed for UChicago students, will be available during the seven-week period. 

“The Office of Civic Engagement is pleased to partner with Cook County and share a unique cross-section of offerings from our faculty and experts throughout the University with our neighbors,” says Derek Douglas, Vice President of Civic Engagement and External Affairs at the University of Chicago. “We commend President Preckwinkle for her work to provide educational enrichment to  County residents during these unprecedented times and hope the new perspectives on topics from economics to philosophy, and medicine to political science spark deeper understanding of the world around us.”

While new content will be published each week, participants can enjoy the lectures and interviews at their own pace. 

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Week of August 31: Law and Policy


Big Brains Podcast: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg On Polarization, Discrimination and Her Favorite Dissent


Big Brains Podcast: U.S. Immigration and Hidden Abuse with Claudia Flores


TEDxUChicago: Mother-in-Law – Representing children accused of crime | Herschella Conyers


Ryerson Lecture: Sexing the Constitution – Getting to Gay Marriage?, Geoffrey R. Stone


Seattle Harper Lecture with John Mark Hansen: Polarized Politics – Past, Present, Future


Bonus Content: Career Development


Mind Your Career | Resumes that Resonate



Week of August 24: Science and Discovery


Big Brains Podcast: Why talking to strangers will make you happier with Nicholas Epley


Uncommon Core: The Ethics of an Outbreak with Emily Landon


Knowledge Applied Podcast: The Psychology of Trees, with Marc Berman


The Big Question – Chicago Booth Review: Why is there still a gender pay gap?


Big Brains Podcast: Nature’s Design Secrets with Rama Ranganathan


Bonus Content: Career Development


LEADERSHIP LAB: Writing Beyond the Academy 1.23.15



Week of August 17: Democracy and Citizenship


Big Brains Podcast: Why Your Social Life is a Matter of Life and Death


Big Brains Podcast: Rise of the White Power Movement


Harper Lecture: Challenge of Citizenship


Race and Capitalism: Flip'n the Script – Michael Dawson, Beyond Linked Fated, and the Roots to Racial Capitalism


Harper Lecture: How to Save a Constitutional Democracy


Bonus Content: Career Development


LEADERSHIP LAB: The Craft of Writing Effectively



Week of August 10: Community and Education


Big Brains Podcast: How Students and Schools Can Recover From Coronavirus, with Elaine Allensworth


Big Brains Podcast: How the Loss of Community Threatens Society with Raghuram Rajan


WBEZ: Chicago Sociologist Eve Ewing Talks ‘Ghosts In The Schoolyard’


Big Brains Podcast: What Rats Can Teach Us About Empathy and Racism, with Peggy Mason


TEDxBroadway: "They are Children: How Posts on Social Media Lead to Gang Violence" - Desmond Patton


Bonus Content: Career Development


Decision Making in Tough Environments



Week of August 3: Humanities


Big Brains Podcast: Why Chasing The Good Life Is Holding Us Back, With Lauren Berlant


UChicago Division of the Humanities: Agnes Callard, What Good Is Public Philosophy?


The Oriental Institute: Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure


UChicago Division of the Humanities: Jacqueline N. Stewart, Home Movie Day: Personal Archives Lost and Found


CAN TV: The Life and Times of Timuel D. Black: A Centenary Symposium


Bonus Content: Career Development


Negotiating in Times of Change



Week of July 27: COVID-19


Virtual Harper Lecture: The American Presidency in a Time of COVID, featuring William Howell


Big Brains Podcast: Coronavirus Shows Why We Need To Rethink Health Care, with Katherine Baicker


Big Brains Podcast: The Science of Conspiracy Theories and Political Polarization with Eric Oliver


Big Brains Podcast: How Coronavirus Is Exposing Our Racial Disparities, with Monica Peek


Berlin Family Lectures: Democracy in the Time of Coronavirus


Bonus Content: Career Development

Leadership and Skyscrapers



Week of July 20: Racial Justice Movement


Big Brains Podcast: Black Lives Matter Protests: Hope for the Future?


NPR: Poet Eve Ewing Connects 1919 Chicago to Today's Racial Unrest


MacLean Center for Bioethics: Peggy Mason – Racism: Is it Biological?


New Dawn Podcast: Creating a Caring World


Growing up in Chicago’s “Black Belt” - Timuel Black

Bonus Content: Career Development


Learning Leadership: Lessons from a Pop-Up Choir



In a conversation with Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, UChicago Vice President for Civic Engagement and External Affairs Derek Douglas discusses the Open Lectures for Residents series and the University’s Civic Leadership Academy.

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