UChicago Medicine Simulation Center and Comer Children's Hospital debut a new mobile unit to be used for training

Medicine Simulation

The University of Chicago Medicine’s Simulation Center and Comer Children's Hospital recently unveiled the UChicago Medicine Simulation Mobile Unit, a refurbished ambulance that will be used for many different types of training, both in the hospital and across the South Side community.

The mobile unit will serve both as a simulated ambulance for critically ill patient transport training and a mobile classroom for community-based education.

“This ambulance allows us to share our training resources with our community and our community partners,” said Priti Jani, MD, the Comer Children’s Hospital pediatric critical care specialist who oversees the Simulation Center.

The Simulation Center is a center for medical education and research that recreates clinical events using realistic, life-like patient simulators ("manikins") to help trainees hone their skills for patient care, teaming and quality improvement.

Leaders of the “Sim Center,” as it is nicknamed, in partnership with Comer faculty, have spent years trying to obtain a grant for this training tool. This year, the Comer Development Board awarded the center a grant to buy and refurbish a used ambulance.

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This story was first published by UChicago Medicine. 

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