New track will prepare students for law school and careers in politics

Law & Politics track

This autumn, University of Chicago Career Advancement is offering a new Law & Politics track for pre-law students to analyze the world’s biggest political questions through distinct programming and mentorship opportunities. The Law & Politics track is a partnership between Career Advancement, the Office of Civic Engagement, the Institute of Politics, and the Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse.

The Careers In… programs at Career Advancement provide resources for undergraduates to explore different industries and gain professional experience. The new Law & Politics track is part of the Careers in Law program, which supports students and alumni who are interested in attending law school. Launching in an election year, the track will provide members of its inaugural cohort with an up-close look at the issues that interest them as they prepare for potential careers in politics.

“We are pleased to offer this new track, which will provide valuable mentorship experiences for undergraduates who wish to explore where a law degree may take them during their careers,” said Meredith Daw, executive director of Career Advancement.

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