Chicago Sun Times: Hands-on experience wows kids at South Side Science Festival: ‘Exposure is everything’

south side science festival

The South Side Science Festival, hosted by the University of Chicago, is an engaging platform featuring a diverse array of over 60 live demonstrations. These demonstrations not only showcase the excitement of various scientific disciplines but also actively involve participants in hands-on learning experiences. The event's emphasis on interactive engagement seeks to redefine traditional approaches to science education, offering a dynamic and immersive environment for attendees to explore and understand scientific concepts in a fun and accessible way.

Beyond the interactive activities, the festival holds a broader mission of fostering a stronger connection between scientists and the public. By breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for direct interaction, the event aims to build trust and enthusiasm for science within the community. This initiative recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between academic research and the general public, fostering a sense of shared curiosity and appreciation for the wonders of scientific exploration.

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