A new way to teach math

The winner of this year’s Edwardson SNVC, together.science, uses digital tools to help students learn math in a simple, intuitive way.

Math is a struggle for too many students in high school and junior high. And some of the most effective solutions, such as individualized tutoring, are expensive and difficult to scale.

But what if students could complete their math assignments online—and get instant feedback at each step of the way?

That’s the concept behind the first product from together.science, a new startup that turns STEM education on its head. Through the startup’s free, ad-supported web-based tool, students can learn concepts, solve problems, check their work, and collaborate with teachers and classmates—all digitally.

The startup—founded by Gabriela Arismendi, ’21; Booth student Qian Deng; and former software developer and teacher Gunnar Mein—won first place and $75,000 in this year’s John Edwardson, ’72, Social New Venture Challenge (SNVC), the social impact track of UChicago’s nationally ranked business launch program, the New Venture Challenge.

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This story was first published by the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation. 

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