UChicago students holding a workshop for middle schoolers.

As an educational institution, the University of Chicago both contributes to and benefits from the diversity of perspectives, expertise, and resources that a robust exchange with the broader community and city enables. Through a network of civic partnerships and community collaborations, we open the doors for learning to residents across the mid-South Side and the city of Chicago—from Chicago Public Schools students to retirees.

high school students making presentations at a hackathon

Improving urban schools

At the heart of our work in education is a strong focus on improving preK-12 schools in our communities and across the nation. For example, the University of Chicago Charter School’s four campuses offer a pathway to college for local school children while serving as a national model for deploying educational research in the classroom. Other University programs promote the arts, prepare teens for college, provide technical support, and much more.

an Arabic class at the Graham School.

Enriching the classroom experience

The University offers a wide array of tutoring and enrichment programs in local schools and beyond. Many of these programs focus on science and technology, while others use arts as a springboard to academic success. Still others work one-on-one with students who are struggling in school.

Supporting teachers

Good schools rely on great teachers, and the University of Chicago offers a number of programs that support preK – 12 teachers. The Urban Teacher Education Program prepares teachers to succeed in urban classrooms. Other programs support teachers through professional development courses, training in specific area studies, and more.

Strengthening urban leadership capacity

Through collaborations across the University and the city, we provide leadership development and capacity building programs for promising leaders in Chicago’s nonprofit, public, and business sectors.

Continuing education

Learning never ends at the University of Chicago. Whether you’re interested in literature, political science, business, film studies, or something altogether different, we have a continuing education opportunity for you.