KLEO, a Washington Park-based nonprofit, is seeking a volunteer intern to organize the energy and support of community partners who wish to volunteer into strategic and meaningful collaborations.

K.L.E.O. Community Family Life Center is a non-profit organization and facility dedicated to strengthening families and providing a safe haven, through education, training, support and fun for people of all ages in the Chicago land community. KLEO's goal is to create an enhanced ability to navigate the world by providing the necessary tools, skills and support needed for participants to become a productive part of society. The organization is funded by Chicago Public Schools; Chicago Community Development Block Grant; State of Illinois; and Neighborhood Recovery Initiative. KLEO is committed to helping families live healthy, productive lives in safe, stable, self- sustaining urban communities. It achieves its corporate objective by working with residents and their community leaders to identify a consensus vision.

About Internship Opportunity:
KLEO offers a dependable, caring environment and diverse positive outlets for adolescent’s and teens whose life have been impacted by poverty, teen pregnancy, gangs and other challenges. The program is designed to provide children with a warm, supportive environment where they have an opportunity to enjoy activities, make choices, develop responsibilities, build character and stimulate their curiosity. Much of KLEO's support comes through volunteerism.  The Volunteer Coordinator would work to organize the energy and support of community partners who wish to volunteer into strategic and meaningful collaborations. 

Major Responsibilities:

This internship is designed for people who like helping others use their gifts effectively.  It will utilize organizational, interpersonal, and planning skills.  It requires patience and the ability to manage crisis. The position:

1. Organizes, coordinates and manages the recruitment of volunteers for the board, various committees, departments and association programs.
2. Works with social, civic and local organizations to develop partnerships, where appropriate, to develop and/or utilize volunteers.
3. Develops and implements training programs for all volunteers.
4. Maintains updated records on all volunteers.
5. Sets up and attends volunteer meetings. Reports to staff on volunteer activities as needed.
6. Recommends and develops ongoing volunteer utilization.
7. Develops and implements a volunteer recognition program.

KLEO is seeking an intern to volunteer 15 - 20 hours per week.

119 E. Garfield Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60637

Website: info@thekleocenter.org