Institute of Politics


Through workshops, treks and trainings, students can explore their passion for public service. By developing leadership skills, serving their communities, and exploring public policy, students can see how their actions impact the world around them. Leadership Programs such as Leaders of Color, Women in Public Service, TechTeam, and The Gate help students learn the skills necessary to meaningfully influence politics and public service.

Students can participate in one or multiple programs in order to reach their personal goals. Current Initiatives, such as the Chicago Peace Corps and LegUP Woodlawn are a chance for students to work directly in Chicago communities on issues ranging from immigration to restorative justice and education.

During Political Exploration Treks, students see firsthand how governments function. Open to all undergraduate students, Treks allow students to watch politicians in action, visit governmental offices, and compare how government works in both local and international settings.

Civic Engagement offers workshops introducing students to the nuts and bolts of politics. Topics range from protest to running for office, and often build on the work of the Speaker Series and Fellows Program.

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