Community Service Fund

The Community Service Fund (CSF) is a Student Government (SG)-led, UCSC-supported funding body that allocates part of the Student Activities Fee toward events that are focused on community service. All RSOs are eligible to apply for this funding. CSF supports activities designed to improve the quality of life of the Chicago community, as well as national and international communities.

CSF is operated by a committee of SG-appointed undergraduate and graduate representatives. In order to apply to CSF, you must submit a budget and have a member of your organization appear before the CSF Committee. The CSF Committee meets during the third and seventh week of every quarter, excluding Summer Quarter.

CSF provides funding on both a quarterly and annual basis. Quarterly allocations are for events happening within the quarter. CSF also has an Annual Allocations process where RSOs can receive funding for the upcoming year. The Annual Allocations process takes place in Spring Quarter.

Community Service Fund



How to Apply:

  • You must submit your application using your RSO's Blueprint page. Under the "Finances" Tab, select the "Create Funding Request" option in the upper right corner. This will lead you to a webform and will allow you to download the CSF application. Please note that both the application and the webform must be completed. 

  • Complete the application, and make sure to include all details such as confirmed dates and locations, an estimate for expected attendance, an event description, a brief report on your CS/RSO’s current account balance, and the actual itemized budget for your event or project).  Be sure to include information about how this program or activity is in service to the community as part of your event description.

  • Applications must be submitted before noon on Wednesday of 2nd or 6th Week. Your advisor will be in touch to work with you on any revisions, edits, or adjustments.

Application Requirements:

  • At least 50% plus one of the individuals benefitting from the event or program must be from the community. (For example, at an event attended by 100 people, 51 must be from the broader community).

  • At least 10% of the event/program’s budget must be raised through partnerships with other RSOs, departmental support, or money from other fundraising. (Please note: this requirement has been suspended during the 2020-2021 academic year. The decision regarding this requirement will be revisited in Autumn Quarter 2021.)

  • CSF may fund only up to 50% of a speaker’s honorarium.

  • PCC groups, CAT members, and Sports Clubs are not eligible to apply to the CSF.

  • The date of your event or start of your program should be at least 11 days after the date you meet with the CSF Committee. CSF cannot fund any events retroactively.

  • Participation in the event or program should be open to the entire student body (i.e., all students should be able to become members of your RSO).
  • Nick Currie, Associate Director