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Aug 20th, 2019
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Founders and Emotional Health

Polsky Exchange - Washington Park Classroom

Polsky Exchange - Washington Park Classroom
1452 E 53rd St
Second Floor
Chicago, IL 60615

Founders and Emotional Health

Entrepreneurs are most often brilliant and creative, yet may be some of the most internally troubled. They are significantly more predisposed to depression, suicide, substance abuse, anxiety/panic, and self-medication, then other groups, and often suffer in silence. This workshop will focus on the intersection of the entrepreneurial quest for success and mental health. We’ll discuss the reasons why this phenomenon is on the rapid rise, why the problem is largely shrouded in silence, and how it impacts founders, their investors, and startup performance. Finally, we will outline which behavioral signs founders and investors can watch for, and what they can do to prioritize mental wellness.

About the instructor:

Dr. Angela Ali is an Organizational Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Therapist in private practice. Dr. Ali has consulted in the start-up space. She has also served as adjunct professor of graduate studies and curriculum design in the areas of Organizational Theory, Change Management, Research Methodologies, and Counseling Psychology.