The University of Chicago is deeply committed to supporting and improving the area’s housing, retail economy, parks, and public facilities. In partnership with the City of Chicago, local leaders and a variety of community-based organizations, we’re helping our communities to grow and flourish.

The Alliey family from left, Ney Jr., 13, Mario, 7, Ney Sr., and Maria, pose for a picture on their living room couch on Saturday, Jun. 21, 2014 in Chicago.

Vibrant communities

In partnership with elected leaders, city officials and community groups, the University is undertaking a substantial revitalization of the 53rd Street retail district. Plans, based on information collected in multiple community meetings, surveys, and vision workshops since 2008, call for enhanced retail, dining, and entertainment options, among other uses. Visit the 53rd Street Blog for regular updates on new amenities coming to Hyde Park and other revitalization progress or download our brochure to see the mix of new and longstanding businesses on 53rd Street.

From left, Stephanie Friedman, Shira Friedman Parks, 11, Miriam Friedman Parks, and Julia Friedman Parks, 5, pictured inside their Hyde Park home on Monday, Jun. 23, 2014 in Chicago.

Campus Planning

As the campus expands into surrounding communities, we work hard to align the University’s needs with those of our neighbors. Our South Campus Plan supports the ongoing revival of the Woodlawn neighborhood in accordance with the community’s vision.

Affordable housing

The University of Chicago promotes and supports decent, affordable housing for all residents of our communities. We work to subsidize housing for low-income residents in surrounding neighborhoods, including projects in Woodlawn and Jackson Park Terrace.

We own and maintain 2,000 rental units on the mid-South Side of Chicago, primarily for student and faculty housing. Today, 65 percent of our faculty and some 3,000 staff members live in the neighborhoods surrounding campus.

Our Employer-Assisted Housing Program helps University employees purchase homes in Bronzeville, North Kenwood, Oakland, South Shore, Washington Park, Woodlawn, and Hyde Park/South Kenwood.

Community Partners

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