The Civic Leadership Academy meets Thursday evenings and all day on Fridays, every other week for six months. The program also includes a week-long global practicum.

Discovering capacity for leadership

Fellows will examine their leadership characteristics and how to deploy them at the right time in the right context.

Defining Leadership

Fellows will define leadership, with a reference to goals and audiences.

Collecting and analyzing Data

Fellows will learn to collect and analyze different kinds of data, including the data of their own leadership experiences.

Mapping and Navigating Civic Leadership

Fellows will learn how to define the civic landscape and navigate its complexities.

Understanding the humanity of civic leadership

Fellows will explore the humanity of leadership, both within themselves and the people with whom they work.

Global Practicum to Delhi, India

To recognize leadership challenges and strategies in Delhi, India, and learn how to translate the lessons learned to the city of Chicago.

Acquiring and communicating information

Fellow will learn methods to engage audiences, elicit useful information and communicate messages effectively.

Advancing Goals with limited resources

Fellows will learn tools to help them prioritize and achieve goals given limited resources and political constraints.

Establishing policy priorities in complex communities

Fellows will learn a framework for establishing policy priorities that represent the needs of complex communities.

Understanding and activating audiences

Fellows will learn how to understand key stakeholders and increase their commitment toward established goals.

Negotiating within the civic sphere

Fellows will learn the fundamentals of negotiation and practice the techniques needed to be effective civic leaders.